Fisherman's Season 4 Token Set

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Fisherman's Season 4 Token set.

Officially licensed Guildball Tokens Printed in full color, double sided. Neopren Aoe template effects are also included.

New inclusion in all S4 sets are blank tokens, these can be used to track what ever you like in the game.

These tokens are produced with our famous laminating method. The result is an extremely durable token set. The main reason for this is that the tokens do not have exposed print surface.

The tokens come with a protection film on one or both sides, This film is transparent and might be tinted blue or green. The film is easily removed by hand. 

This set includes:

Token Type Token Name Quantity
AOE Smoke 1
30 mm BR Quick Foot 2
30 mm BR Weak Point 2
30 mm BR Super Shot 1
30 mm BR Stagger 2
30 mm BR Goad 1
30 mm BR Raise the Black Flag (Friendly) 1
30 mm BR Raise the Black Flag (Enemy) 1
30 mm BR Decoy 2
30 mm BR Blind 1
30 mm BR Nimble 1
30 mm BR Caught in a Net 6
30 mm BR Loved Creature 1
40 mm BR Sturdy Used 1
40 mm BR Coup de Grâce Used 1
40 mm BR Tag Along Used 1
30 mm BR Bag of Coffers 1
40 mm BR Close Control Used 1
30 mm BR Unpredictable Movement Used 1
30 mm BR Poised Used 1
30 mm BR Fear Used 1
30 mm BR Escaping Fate Used 1
30 mm BR Blank Token 1
40 mm BR Blank Token 1
Non BR Influence 15
Non BR Goal Influence 2
Non BR Momentum 10

(AOE = Area Of Effect neopren template) (BR = Base Rider tokens)