Blank Ability (1x2) Abyssal Masters

43.00kr NOK

Customes fees and Import tax may apply

1x2 Token Module Printed in full colour, double-sided with the same print on each side.


  • 3x Ability tokens with writing fields


The module has two magnets the enable it to stack with other modules or attach to a Token Tray. 

More info on Modular Token System, Token Trays, Modulare Storage Lids.

These tokens are produced with our famous laminating method. This results in extremely durable tokens.

The main reason for this is that the tokens do not have exposed print surface. Each side of the token has identical finish, No longer does tokens have a frontside and a backside.

The tokens come with a protection film on one or both sides, This film is transparent and might be tinted blue or green. The film is easily removed by hand. 

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